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A Final Thought – Why Use A Professional, Wedding Photographers for your wedding?

We shoot weddings in a documentary style, that is with the subject being totally unaware they are being photographed. So simply put yet is in fact a very difficult thing to do, and takes many years of practice. My images have strong composition, correct exposure and can focus precisely so as to isolate the subject from his or her background. I see many guests at weddings with often up to the minute cameras and the latest zoom lenses, but when reviewing the images they have but a sequence of miss timed shots, poor composition and a reliance on automatic exposure, which can only lead to disappointing images. A guest with a camera is not a photographer, just a guest with a camera. As a professional wedding photographers who has had years of experience of shooting weddings, I have the ability to know exactly where to stand when and to catch the fleeting expression coupled with an in-depth knowledge of my cameras functions and these skills should not be underestimated. To be always ready with the correct camera and lens with no fumbling, to know what is about to happen and be standing in the perfect position to catch the moment. Organising formal photographs is a dark art, it is vital to be friendly enough to keep the smiles and laughter, but to have the ability to speed through a seemingly endless list in twenty minutes, getting the important shots for the mantelpiece. Lastly, a photographer has to be able to take great photographs all day long, not just snatch a lucky one or two, and with that in mind please have a browse through my intentionally totally complete wedding section. It does highlight every wedding I have shot since 2012, so if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will!